Friday, June 1, 2012

B is for Big Bad Wolf

So, we're two weeks into alphabooks and I'm already changing up my style. Some of you may be wondering why the sudden departure from the comic book pinup style approach I took with last week's Alice drawing. Well, there are a couple of reasons why I've decided to go a different route with this week's entry.
For one, time is of the essence. I'm happy with my Alice drawing but it can sometimes be a challenge to even pick a character, much less place them in a scene, ink, and then possibly color it each week. Not that I don't like a challenge but this new approach is much more carefree and fun. Which means I'm more likely to see this through and hit my weekly deadline.
Secondly, my wife and I are expecting our first child (a girl) in late August and I thought this project would be a good opportunity to make something for her. Ideally, I'd like to compile all of my drawings into one cohesive alphabet book or create a series of flashcards from them. This gives me an additional incentive to see the project all the way through. Since my Alice drawing is more comic book than children's book, I'll likely revisit it at some point.
I hope this clears things up and I hope everyone enjoys the new look.

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